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Our company was established in August 2009 to supply OEM Light-Emitting Diode (LED) modules for lighting upgrade projects in Europe. After three years of solid developing and manufacturing, Easfina brand was born in June 2012. We manufacture high-quality and long-lasting LED products and provide lighting solutions that operate with better efficiency, less cost and much less environmental impact than ever before.


At Easfina we develop and mass-produce a wide range of premium LED products for different uses across commercial and industrial spaces to suit this contemporary market. Our background pushes us to keep improving to manufacture the best LED lights. We believe technology makes the world a better place and our goal is to make latest technology more affordable for everyone.

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Our commitments

We all live in an environmentally conscious place, energy efficiency and conservation are key elements that are assisting in minimising our impact to the environment.


At Easfina, We are committed to improving our manufacturing efficiency. To make sure our staffs and suppliers understand the steps to sustainability, we have guidelines on optimising efficiency by reducing unnecessary energy and material usage throughout the manufacturing processes. Our factory operates in full compliance with Easfina Code of Conduct.


Easfina aims to make the most efficient, environmentally friendly products possible. Our products are also designed for recyclability so they are easy to disassemble and recycle.


Our material-efficient products not only reduce the weight and size, but it also can lower their carbon footprint and shipping costs.


We use Life Cycle Assessment tools to improve resource efficiency, always seeking for less environmental impact alternatives. We are increasing the use of recycled materials and decrease virgin materials, fewer types of materials and smaller packaging means fewer resources are used.


Unlike others in the industry, We make our products by using world’s finest active components and high-efficiency power supplies so they are as energy efficient and long-lasting as possible. As of Jan 2014, We have helped our customers to reduce an average of more than 10,800,000 Watts (11,448 tonnes of CO2e) per hr of usage.

For emission Info. Please Visit www.climatechange.gov.au


Sometimes installation can cost a fortune so our engineers spent hours and hours of work to make sure our products are simple to install, helping our customers to reduce any additional installation time, materials and labour costs.